The intelligent Practice Lab Solution 2.0

The new CORiTEC one machine system is suited perfectly for processing any common CAD/CAM blocks up to a size of 65mm x 40mm x 20mm (maxi blocks). Off ering the new and extremely robust axis kinematics, the machine is also able to machine premilled abutments. The high-quality cast aluminum construction facilitates high stability while maintaining the smallest of footprints. Machine operation is user-friendly via the large touchscreen display with its integrated high-performance PC, no additional computer system required. The 3-fold block holder and 6 tool positions with sister (twin) tool function make economic, safe and fast processing possible with the highest possible quality output.

imes-icore block materials detail

The machine is ideally suited for practice labs, combined with an intra-oral or desktop scanner. For laboratories or milling centers it may be an excellent complementary system for specialized applications like glass ceramics and premilled abutments.

imes-icore block materials detail






Technical highlights

  • a new type of closed mono-block cast body
  • optimized touch software operation
  • optimized axle kinematics
  • high dynamics, precision and speed
  • outstanding price-performance ratio
  • processing of all commonly used material
    blocks, as well as premilled abutments
  • multi-adapter for up to three blocks or maxi-blocks
    (65mm x 40mm x 20mm)
  • highest degree of stability and precision
  • fully integrated wet and dry processing
  • automated 6-fold tool changer
  • tool runtime monitoring / breakage monitoring
    / tool management / job management
  • integrated control PC with 10” touchscreen for
    smart graphical operation
  • only low-pressure compressed air needed (2 bar)
  • innovative cooling / fi ltering system for easy handling
  • fully enclosed wet cell with larger genuine glass pane
  • integrated CNC and CAM module
  • modern, high-quality and ergonomic machine-design
  • efficient milling spindle with 80,000 rpm


Retaining bracket system

imes-icore holder systems




Technical Specifications

Number of axles and machining type         4-axis simultaneous machining
Max. tilt angle of the rotary axis 360° processing possible
Wet and dry processing Fully integrated
Maximum speed / Pmax~ 80,000 rpm / 0.4 kW
Axle drives Microstep motors
Tool fitting  3 mm shaft
Tool changer 6-fold
Workpiece changer Manual 3-way adapter
Weight 65 kg
Width x depth x height  380x495x600 mm
Supply voltage / frequency / power 100V-240 V/50/60 Hz/800 W
Compressed air supply 2 bar
Materials Premilled abutments, zirconium dioxide,
aluminum oxide, PMMA, plastics, composites,
wax, glass ceramic, hybrid ceramics
Compatibility  CAD/CAM blocks (1-way and 3-way adapter),
maxi blocks (65mm x 40mm x 20mm) nt-trading pre-milled
abutments, Medentika PreFace® abutments


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