For the first generation Dental Wings scanners with AMD processor and Windows Xp 32 bit, a new upgrade kit is available.

The kit includes new Gigabyte motherboard,Intel i5 4 core processor,Amd ati dedicated vga with 1 gb ram, as well as a new scanner back cover with improved  cooling system. If the upgrade is done from Windows XP 32bit, windows 7 64bit and extra 8 gb ram are provided as well as the 12-holder dish.

The setup is done in our office in one business day, and the kit costs 1800 euro plus vat.

With this upgrade, the old generation scanners are hardware-updated as a new generation scanner minus one camera, with odvious results in scanning and designing speed improovement, so that they can be easily updated to the new DWOS versions (version 6.4 and version 7).

The kit can be combined with the ssd upgrade option.