upgrade hardware

The new version 2 hardware kit is here.

It includes a new gen Gigabyte motherboard, intel i5 last gen 3,5 mhz turbo 4 core processor, and brand new ddr 4 16 gb ram.There is also a new back cover for the scanner with triple cooling fans.

The installation of the software is done with a new Dental wings recovery usb dongle also included. There is also a new 12 position multidie scan plate.

This hardware is the fastest ever for a 3 series scanner.

The installation is done in our company and it will last for maximum 2 days.

During that time if necessary the customer can receive a scanner from our company so he can continue working.

The price for that upgrade is 2.400 euro and vat is not included.

Take advantage of the hardware kit and give new life to your scanner working with the fastest speed possible.

We have done over 10 upgrades like this with amazing results and finally the scanner owners we thrilled with the results.

The hardware upgrade kit is covered with one year of guarantee.